Email and Texting for Groups and Organizations

Whether you're a small mom's group or an international, multi-chapter organization, we can help. Flocknote lets you easily send simple email newsletters and text messages to your members with the click of a button, manage their feedback/replies and stay connected as a community.

For multi-level organizations (with chapters, regions, councils, etc.), we even have ways to pull multiple Flocknote Networks together into a hierarchy so that you can powerfully and simply manage all of your communication channels as an organization. Even better, when anyone joins any of your groups at any location in any region, they will automatically also be connected to every appropriate communication channel from top to bottom in your organization.

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Flocknote helps groups and organizations

  • Give members one easy place to subscribe to everything you offer
  • Manage or import an existing contact list
  • Send out simple, branded, professional email newsletters
  • Empower every level of your organization to do the same
  • Gather member contact info in a snap
  • Send out quick text message reminders to any group
  • Get feedback from members
  • Engage in small (and large) group discussions
  • Ask simple poll questions
  • Track RSVPs to events
  • And much more
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